Real Casting is a network of casting directors and film producers trying to find real people (not actors) to be in TV commercials and films. Most non actors looking to do this don’t have agents, headshots and unions to rely upon. Real Casting makes it easy, post a few selfies, fill out some information and you are ready to go. Just look for the jobs that are right for you and apply!

Until recently, when casting directors would cast for a TV commercial, it would require them to go out on the street and ask people general questions without letting them know what the brand was. They did this because the client in most cases would want an authentic reaction to their product and not one acted out. Real Casting works because casting directors can see your interests without having to ask you a bunch of random questions making their job much easier.

With films, casting directors are usually looking for a particular type of person to fit the scene, they are also looking for various hobbies and skills a potential actor might have. Which is why it’s important to fill out your profile and answer all the questions.