Q: How do I submit myself for a Real Casting job?

From the REAL CASTING Homepage, LOG IN to your account.

View the Real Casting jobs that are selected for you based on your profile and click on the job name located on the left of the screen. This will open a new window for the roll, explaining a little more about what the client is looking for.

Click the SUBMIT ME button next to the name of the job to submit yourself for the project. It’s important to only submit yourself for the jobs that are right for you. REMEMBER: the more questions you answer the better we can align you with the right job.


Q: How many questions do I need to answer?

We highly recommend that you answer as many profile questions as you can so we know all about you and the things you enjoy. The more questions you answer the better a casting director can choose you for a commercial or acting jobs.


Q: How do I get paid?

The company doing the commercial or film will have you fill out paperwork prior to doing the job. Once you fill everything out the agency representing the brand or film will send checks to your home. The amount of money is sometimes a flat rate or union rate where you will get paid on the amount of times your commercial runs.


Q: Are all the jobs on the East and West Coast?

Absolutely not, casting directors and agencies are looking for people all over the country for all kinds of national and local commercials and films. If you are able to travel to different state’s make sure you note that in your profile.


Q: Do I need to be in a Union to do a commercial?

No you don't need to be in a union to be in a commercial unless the production company requires it. Some states are stricter than others, Unions are set up for actors who do a lot of work and since the majority of the jobs we are posting are for real people (not actors) you don't need to be part of a union.


Q: I can’t remember my username and password. How can I retrieve my login information?

Click "Forgot Username/Password" under Member Login on the welcome page, follow the directions and you will be emailed a link to reset your password.


Q: How do I update my credit card information on the site?

To update your credit card information on the system, select Account from the home page and click on Change Billing Info. Your updated billing information will be used the next time you are billed.


Q: Does my child need a work permit? How can I get one?

Please refer to these guidelines:www.svusd


Q: How much does Real Casting cost?

Please refer to our membership page.