How it works:

When you create a profile in Real Casting we ask you a few questions about yourself as well as the everyday products and brands you use and enjoy. Once your profile is updated, your interests become searchable on the site to casting directors and agencies. If you fit the roll they are looking for they will reach out to you to schedule an audition. Also, if you see a job that is right for you on the Job listings you can reach out to the casting director and apply for it.


...let’s say you see a job notice for a commercial like Royal Caribbean Cruises, the casting director who posted the job for that commercial will go through the site and search for people who have been on a cruise or enjoy cruises. If in your profile you have Cruises as an interest, you will show up in their search results making the casting outreach easy.

But what if you didn’t list cruises as an interest in your profile? You would simply apply for that job and your application would go right to the casting director letting them know you were interested. If they are interested in having you in for an audition they will email you directly!